Capfin India Limited is deals in Investment business and dealing in shares, stocks and securities of any kind and description.

Capfin India Limited deals in underwrite, acquire, hold and sell shares, share  stock, debentures, debentures  stock, bonds, mortgages, obligations and securities of any kind, issued or guaranteed by any company (body corporate or undertaking) of whatever nature and whersover constituted or carrying on business, and to subscribe for, under-write, acquire, hold sell shares, share  stock,  debentures and debenture stock, bonds, mortgages, obligations and other securities issued or guranted by any government, commissioners, trust, municipal, local or other authority or body of whatever nature, whether in India or elsewhere.

To buy, sell and deal in speculate in shares and securities.

Capfin India Limited deals in all type of selling and purchasing activities directly (both in internal and external markets on its own or as sales, purchase or commission agents and broker) to act as service Agents for providing services after sale and other technical service to carry on business as marketing technical consultants both in internal and external markets.

financial Service


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